About GUS

GUS Made is a small, family business established in 2013 by two brothers, Michael and David Wagner. GUS means Genuine US. Our mission is to manufacture and sell the highest quality, 100% Made in USA products. As a small business, we take pride in our products as well as our customer service.

Our first 100% made in the USA product is the GUS® pill fob, which is the successor to the original Wrack Works pill fob invented in 1993. We sold Wrack Works pill fobs for over 8 years (2003-2010). We were proud to sell them because we knew that they were unique, useful and of the highest quality. It was during that time that we developed a really good relationship with the owner of Wrack Works, Ron Marsh. 

Unfortunately, a combination of circumstances resulted in Wrack Works closing up shop. We continued to receive emails, however, from customers looking for the original pill fob. With Wrack Works closed, and Ron in retirement, we discussed with Ron the possibility of our taking over the production and bringing back this great product. 

We wanted to be as faithful to the original pill fob as possible, so we worked closely with Ron to ensure that GUS® pill fobs have the same design and quality as the original line of Wrack Works pill fobs. GUS® pill fobs are precision CNC machined in the USA from medical grade, domestic stainless steel. All components of our pill fob -- O-ring, triangle ring, key ring -- are also made in the USA.

It has taken us well over a year to get here, and we are extremely happy to say that all the hard work has paid off. We have an excellent product that, with reasonable care, will last a lifetime. We hope that you enjoy your pill fob, and that you will spread the word and help us to continue this great, made in the USA product.